Brand & Collection 02


Brand & Collection 02



Building on the design principles established by the W1 Wristwatch, a full product family was developed for NTN including a clock, pen, candle and limited edition watch. This collection, entitled “Time & Space”, was created around the central themes of quality time, disconnection and presence.

Alongside the physical product design and development, we produced a range of branded collateral including packaging, POS and web activation.


Designed around the meeting of two very different materials and the contrast between their volumes.

The CAPSULE Clock body was CNC machined from a single block of Portuguese cork. This dense, natural material is fronted with a volume of air for the hands, enclosed in German borosilicate laboratory glass. The full length second hand has a sweeping motion without incremental stops – a reminder of the nature of time.

The clock is packaged in an off-cut of cork, a leftover from the machining process. Without repurposing as packaging this would be waste material.


Designed not only as a writing instrument but also as an item which is intentionally static. There is no lid, instead the pen rests vertically in a poured concrete/resin base.

This pen remains in one place and in doing so defines a space for slowing down and thinking.

The reference of an old inkwell is intentional, and contrasting this with a contemporary manufacturing technique even more so. The body of the pen is 3D printed in matte black Stainless Steel. This creates a granular surface texture and a weighty object that reinforce ideas of tactility and slowness.

HOST Candle & Base

This object has been designed around two ideas — the fusion of two very different materials, and the transformation of one function into another after the first has come to an end. The candle is hand poured in a hexagonal mould from Soy wax. Concrete is then poured into the same mould to form the base.

When the original candle has fully burnt its new purpose is uncovered. A brass tube embedded in the concrete acts as a candle holder, accepting all 22mm dinner candles.

This is an exercise in slow design.