G1 Sunglasses

Formed hardwood ply & CNC machined 6061 aluminium detailing


G1 Wooden Sunglasses



Wooden glasses have transitioned from being solely available from several niche brands to the mainstream. This is a great thing and a welcome departure from the industrial materials associated with eyewear. However materials and 2D processes are driving form in the products that are available, to the extent that as a rule they are largely flat and lacking in sculpture.

The G1 Glasses are our response to this. They are an attempt to reintroduce the sculpting and form traditionally associated with eyewear while remaining true to the wood that is used. As a raw material wood displays a warmth and flexibility that makes it ideal for worn objects.

The frames and arms of the glasses are constructed from formed plywood. The assembly is then brought together by a 3D CNC machined and anodised aluminium armature.