Next-generation protection for digital objects — how could Logitech take a unique and honest design approach to advanced protection?





There’s an unusual trope in the design of protective objects. As the levels of protection increase, product aesthetics and DNA become increasingly aggressive, increasingly masculine, increasingly “military”.

BLOK challenges this through the most simple of geometry. By encasing digital devices in highly-engineered blocks of rubber we achieved greater protection than the competitors and greater differentiation.

BLOK was chosen as the first product to carry the new Logi brand and design approach. It went on to win an iF Product Design Award in the process.

During product development several variations on the original case were developed. Stands, keyboards and screen protectors were created, remaining as sympathetic to the core design idea as possible.

“Since transforming into a design driven company, Logitech quadrupled profits and multiplied its stock value by a factor of five in the 2016 fiscal year compared with the year before.”

Fast Company