Organic Traceable Surf Wax


WoodstoWaves Surf Wax, Brand & Packaging



OTHERS is a design & surf collaboration with product designer Eoin McNally. Initially used for our shaping experiments shown here, OTHERS has evolved to include several strands of investigation into surf and outdoor objects. We are exploring, prototyping and making the kind of objects we personally want or need – without commercial constraints or influences.

Our woodstowaves surf wax combines Pine Resin sourced from sustainably managed Irish forests with organic Beeswax from Dingle, Co.Kerry. Everything from the branding & packaging through to the silicone moulds and bar production has been designed and produced as part of this collaboration.

Traceable & Hand-Poured
All of our wax is entirely organic, petrochemical free and biodegradable. Each batch is categorised by it’s pine resin source and can be traced back to a specific forest. Each bar is packaged in a screw-top reusable tin.